TT Ads is India’s leading medical portal, and it has been helping people by connecting them to the best doctors in their cities. The website has a comprehensive list of doctors from all specialties. This has helped patients get in touch with the best doctors and get the best treatment. The website also has information about the treatments, approximate costs, and more information about the treatment. After receiving a positive response and some feedback from the visitors, launched another portal. This new portal can help you find the hospital details in your city.


The team behind the got this idea, and it certainly serves the purpose right. Many patients are looking for hospitals instead of doctors, which is why the portal offers them a better value. This way, you can find multi-specialty or superspecialty hospitals in your city. You can be assured that these hospitals employ the best doctors from the city. If your loved one suffers from any critical illness, you can be assured that you will get comprehensive treatment in these hospitals. You can begin your search on the new portal, which is very intuitive.

You can also search for the contact details of the hospitals along with the website. This way, you can book your appointment online, and the website keeps adding new cities and hospitals to the list. After the positive response on, you can be assured about the usefulness of the new portal, which offers Hospital Details. This is one of the latest portals, and it will certainly be very helpful for everyone. This is especially true for people who don’t know much about doctors.

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Most of the big hospitals also accept almost every mode of payment. They even have a wider range of options for cashless treatments. So, you can explore the new portal and get the details of the hospitals in your city. You can even share it with friends and family who need any medical treatment.

Benefits of the New Portal

This new portal from offer several benefits. We have listed some of them in the pointers below.

  • The website offers unbiased and list of hospitals. We don’t make list on the basis of the advertisements or anything else. The list is made based on the actual and the research done by our team. This helps you in getting the first-hand information without any biasness.
  • There is a dedicated section on the website which gives you information about the treatments. You can find out about the procedures, costs and other information. This way, you can get an estimate of what you will have to spend for the treatment. The information helps you prepare for the cost and understand the insurance terms.
  • The contact information on the website is validated regularly to ensure that we provide you accurate information. This helps us ensure that you are able to get in touch with the doctors or the hospitals at the earliest. Every minute is important when it comes to medical treatments and we value your time.
  • We are not affiliated to any doctor or hospital so you don’t have to worry about the recommendations that we provide. Every piece of information is shared after analysis.

About is an online platform that has information about the doctors in your city. The portal also covers information about diagnostic centres and hospitals. This is one of the best and non-biased resources for finding information on any medical-related thing. It can guide you in the right direction when you are seeking treatment from the best doctors.

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